Clinical Consultation Services


Smart Solutions for Improving Outcomes & Increasing Reimbursements


Whether you’re interested in starting a behavioral health practice, or simply need help improving reimbursement rates, we are here to help. Our clinical consulting services for behavioral health include:

  • Consulting Services for Start Ups, Acquisitions and Reorganization: Everything you need to launch a behavioral health start up, or reorganize an existing practice, including feasibility studies, training and retraining, change management services, and more.
  • Corrective Action Plans for Payer Audits & SIU: We offer comprehensive solutions for clients undergoing payer audits and SIU, including developing new policies and procedures, training and retraining staff and negotiating with payers.

At Paradigm, our consultants are with you every step of the way. And, because we have clinical, operational and executive experience, we are able to see through complex issues to help our clients achieve compliant, efficient and profitable behavioral healthcare practices.