Joint Commission Consultation for Behavioral Health Facilities


Hands-On Support for Earning, and Keeping, Joint Commission Accreditation


Joint Commission accreditation is designed to ensure your behavioral health facility is providing effective, value-based, addiction treatment services.

Earning accreditation from The Joint Commission can be quite involved. This is why it’s important to work with a consultant that is well-versed in the complexities of The Joint Commission’s standards, and who can work with your team in order to interpret the standards and implement them operationally.

Our consultants provide support throughout the accreditation process – from pre-accreditation assessment to ongoing training and support – to ensure your facility remains in compliance with The Joint Commission’s evolving standards for care.

The process begins with an onsite pre-accreditation assessment where our consultants evaluate how closely your facility is already in line with The Joint Commission’s standards. Then, we provide customized solutions for improving every aspect of your facility – from treatment to operations.

Once you have received Joint Commission accreditation, our consultants are available to provide ongoing support to ensure your facility maintains compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joint Commission Accreditation


What is Joint Commission Accreditation?

Joint Commission accreditation was originally intended for hospitals and other traditional healthcare facilities in order to provide rigorous standards for care. The Joint Commission has expanded their purview to behavioral health in order to provide universal standards for an industry that often works outside the realm of unifying standards.

Who Needs Joint Commission Accreditation?

All behavioral health facilities can benefit from Joint Commission Accreditation, as it is seen as a “Gold Seal of Approval” within the industry, and can send a signal to potential clients that your facility offers reputable and effective behavioral health care.

In addition, many states and payers are beginning to require Joint Commission accreditation. This includes the state of Florida, which will require all facilities operating in the state to be accredited by The Joint Commission by mid-2018.

Does Paradigm Offer Support for CARF Accreditation?

As Joint Commission accreditation is becoming the industry standard, we no longer offer support for CARF accreditation. However, if you are interested in receiving CARF accreditation, we can help direct you to a recommended CARF Consultant.

Does Paradigm Support for Any Other Accreditation or Licensure?

Because Paradigm is Florida based, we do help clients receive licensure through the Department of Children and Families (DCF). This is particularly helpful for Florida start-ups, which are required to carry DCF licensure.