Behavioral Health Program Development & Reorganization


Expert Help for Start-Ups, Change Management and M&A


Whether you’re building a behavioral health program from the ground up, or reorganizing an existing program, our team can help.

Consulting for Behavioral Health and Addiction Start Ups

When launching a behavioral health start up, there are enormous opportunities for building a high-functioning, well-organized and compliant facility from the very beginning. Unfortunately, many start-ups lack the administrative expertise and clinical background in order to strategically position their facilities for success.

That’s where we come in.

Our team of clinical consultants is available to assist you with everything you need to launch a behavioral health facility designed for probability and growth.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility Studies: Evaluating comparable practices in the market you’re considering to determine the viability of launching a behavioral health facility.
  • Budgeting & Performance Projections: An analysis of all available data to provide budgeting recommendations and projections for future growth.
  • Licensing & Accreditation: Support for Joint Commission accreditation and compliance. For clients in Florida, we also offer DCF Licensing consulting.
  • Hiring & Training: Hiring and training of all staff, from the C-Suite down, including all administrative, clinical and medical staff, where necessary.
  • Policies & Procedures: Assistance in writing all operational policies and procedures to ensure your facility is running in optimal compliance with state regulations, Joint Commission regulations and payer standards.
  • Recommendations for Outside Ancillary Services: Your behavioral health start up will likely make use of outside labs, EMRs and billing companies. To get you started, we connect you with recommended companies based upon your specific needs and budgetary restrictions.

Consulting Services for Behavioral Health Acquisitions and Reorganizations

Behavioral Health acquisitions and reorganizations require deep analysis to ensure that every aspect of the facility is optimally restructured and brought it in line with the mission of the new organization.

Our comprehensive behavioral health M&A services include:

  • Change Management: Onsite support for management change and reorganization helps ensure seamless restructuring to bring staff in line with the mission and procedures of the new organization.
  • Budgeting & Performance Projections: Budgeting recommendations for long term, sustainable growth. Services include an analysis of existing accounts receivables to investigate any outstanding payments you may be able to collect on, and how those projections may contribute to your facility’s growth.
  • Policies & Procedures: Assistance in revamping all existing operational policies and procedures to ensure your facility is running in optimal compliance with state regulations, Joint Commission regulations and payer standards.
  • Staff Training & Retraining: Onsite training brings new and existing staff up to speed on new policies and procedures so that all staff can contribute to a highly functioning and compliant clinical environment.

Are you launching a new behavioral health or addiction focused facility, or acquiring an existing facility? Contact us and we’ll assist you with everything you need to get started – and do it right the first time.